Privacy Policy

In relation to customers’ personal information that is handled on this website,IMDSGLOBAL Division of IMDS BV  (  will not conduct collection or use without customers’ voluntary provision and permission. IMDS BV will strictly, safely, and appropriately manage customers’ personal information that is sent to us through this website. In addition, we will respect customers’ rights, and in the event that we have received a request from a customer for disclosure, correction, or deletion of personal information or for refusal of its use or provision, we will respond to the request within a rational period.

  1. The personal information handled by our company will be as stated below.
    1.    The Company, person’s name, address, telephone number, fax number, and e-mail address that were conveyed to us at the time of using this website, and the state of transactions with our company
  2. The company  name, person’s name, address, telephone number, fax number, and e-mail address that arose at the time of an individual type of settlement with our company, and the state of transactions with our company
  3. Information by which it is not possible to identify a person by that information alone, but by which it is possible to easily conduct a crosscheck with other information and thereby identify a specific individual

The purposes of use handled by our company will be as stated below.
       1.    For various types of Business/service work related to all business activities as                mentioned on this website and all types of publications of our company.

  1.   For the provision of useful information related to new products and services and sales promotion activities
  2.   For improvement and augmentation of this site’s services and the development of new services
  •   We will use customers’ registered personal information (such as company name, person’s name, address, e-mail address, and telephone number) for sending products, after-purchase services for such products, and notification of information related to our company’s new products and services.
  •   In the event that you do not want to register personal information, it is      possible for you to not register it based on your own judgment. Provided, however, that in some cases our company may be unable to provide services.
  •   Because of the content of services, personal information that was registered may be disclosed to a party to which work is consigned. Parties to which work is consigned are prohibited from using information for purposes other than as stated above. Services that are subject to consignment of work include data and server management and sending products.

Your Choices

You may at any time:
•    Stop receiving marketing or promotional e-mails, direct mail, phone, and mobile     marketing communications
•    Update and correct your personal information
•    Deactivate your account

To do any of these, let us know by one of these methods:
•    Follow the directions in a marketing e-mail, direct mail, or mobile communication that you receive from us
•    Provide your request and current contact information through one of the contact methods listed on our site.

Important Information

  •   IMDS BV does not knowingly collect information online from children under 18.
    •    IMDS BV value our relationship with our customers and we are committed to responsible information-handling practices.

How to Contact Us
Headquarters: IMDS BV, Vivaldistraat 3, 7132AG Lichtenvoorde, Netherlands
Phone:+31 (0) 544378951

Attn: Customer Care/Privacy