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Establishing a new brand or improving existing brands could not be any easier. We offer you easy steps in selecting a product, selecting packaging, and designing a label. Our resourceful and knowledgeable Private Label partners  will work closely with you throughout the entire process, from conception, formulation, designing, manufacturing and shipping, we will assist you in detail along the whole process.

We can create customs formulas or formula adaption, or you choose from a vast and impressive selection of tried and tested, scientifically proven formulas, covering the entire spectrum of beauty and personal care industry.

Our team of onsite graphic designers is available to work with clients in the creation of customized artwork and package decoration. You can also choose from a large array of labelling options and printing materials.

Our logistic department is specialized in handling all aspects of shipping and receiving. We regularly ship small packages to large bulk containers, and will assist you through all regulations compliance and required documentations, both internationally and domestic. As already informed we are able to deliver DDP and DAP.

 Our private label partners

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Branded products

IMDSGlobal and his partners provide service on national and international level.


R&D and Product Design

IMDSGlobal and his partners develop innovative and solution-oriented products in our R&D and product design laboratories.


Special production

We produce your cosmetics, personal care and home care products specially for your needs and demands.



IMDSGlobal and his partners has an extensive international export network.